Study Resources

Phlebotomy Quickstudy Pamphlet

This is the perfect quick resource to help you understand procedures that make blood drawing and testing easier.

The pamphlet is designed with diagrams covering:

  • performing phlebotomy
  • circulatory system
  • blood tests
  • phlebotomy tools
  • techniques and equipment
  • order of blood draw
  • color-coded tops for blood draw
  • glossary of phlebotomy terminology

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Phlebotomy Notes: Pocket Guide to Blood Collection

This pocket-sized reference book provides important phlebotomy information in a convenient format. With its clinical focus, it’s a good guide to collecting, transporting, and processing blood specimens ready for testing in a laboratory.

The book’s pages are made from a write-on/wipe-off material and include space where you can fill in the requirements for evacuated tubes, instrumentation, and analytical procedures for two different work locations.

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Phlebotomy Essentials

This is a good book for anyone preparing for a career in phlebotomy. The books covers phlebotomy procedures, including theory and principles, and also includes sections on:

  • safety and equipment
  • laboratory systems and instrumentation
  • quality assurance
  • legal issues
  • diagnostic tests
  • medical terminology
  • human anatomy and physiology
  • blood collection procedures
  • special procedures

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Student Workbook For Phlebotomy Essentials

This useful study guide is designed to help students practice and review the material they learned in the accompanying Phlebotomy Essentials (see above).

The workbook includes exercises to help students practice what they have learned including:

  • matching activities
  • labeling activities
  • knowledge drills
  • skills drills
  • chapter and unit crossword puzzles
  • chapter review questions
  • case studies

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The Phlebotomy Exam Review

This guide prepares you for each of the ten national certification exams including AMT, NPA, ASPT, ACA, NCA, ASCP, IAPA, NAHP, and NCCT.

The book includes over 800 multiple choice questions (with answers). Reviewers at have left comments including:

  • understandable explanations for each question
  • extremely useful
  • the book covers everything
  • allows you to test yourself multiple times
  • comprehensive and easy to read
  • helped me do well on my exam
  • recommended for anyone taking the National Phlebotomy Exam
  • one of my favorite authors, excellent book

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The Phlebotomy Handbook

This title is a must-have guide for any student entering phlebotomy. The book goes into great detail on blood and specimen collection with a variety of other useful categories including:

  • latest safety guidelines
  • information on new federal regulations
  • updates on equipment and supplies
  • new NCCLS standards and hazard prevention techniques
  • competencies important in the workplace
  • strategies for the certification process
  • how to secure a job
  • extensive coverage on transcultural communication

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Success! in Phlebotomy

This comprehensive guide covers pretty-much everything related to phlebotomy. It focuses on the importance of the testing and education in phlebotomy including:

  • over 650 multiple-choice questions with explanations and references
  • up-to-date exam questions
  • latest Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) phlebotomy standards
  • questions on patient and phlebotomy safety and medical error reduction
  • questions pertaining to blood collection equipment and safety
  • online components include practice exam and audio glossary
  • questions on the collection steps

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The Phlebotomy Worktext and Procedures Manual

This book covers all aspects of phlebotomy. It’s written in a detailed storyboard format with full-color photographs to help students understand the techniques.

Sections include:

  • routine venipuncture
  • butterfly venipuncture
  • skin punctures
  • workbook review sections
  • study questions
  • competency checklists
  • revised mock certification exam
  • practical phlebotomy skills
  • safety procedures

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Medical Abbreviations & Acronyms QuickStudy Pamphlet

This compact pamphlet covers commonly-used medical abbreviations and acronyms. Although just six pages, the laminated guide is useful for healthcare and medical professionals with sections on:

  • weights & measurement
  • pharmacology
  • diagnostic testing
  • professional designations
  • managed care
  • agencies/organizations
  • health assessment
  • specialized areas/facilities

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